Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration

Playing around with the contrast of a pretty dress and some grungy splatters.

I kept some of the original line work to dirty it up so it didn’t look to crisp.

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  1. Carrie Lee says:

    Hey Andrew…I am the senior editor of a new Canadian magazine soon to launch. We are a local to our area magazine and have a very diverse, urban and hip concept. The back half of our mag will be photography, art and music.

    We are looking for artists willing to let us publish their work in return for exposure. We are working on layout and are considering a brief bio and copy describing the artwork.

    I came across your stuff researching “poise”. Liked your sketch of the bear chasing the girl on the bike!

    Would you consider putting a piece of your work in our mag? If so, we can discuss further.


    Carrie Lee

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