Contagious For Illustration Friday

Contagious For Illustration Friday

Contagious For Illustration Friday

14 Responses to “Contagious For Illustration Friday”

  1. Kari says:

    Great illustration. I especially like the depth.

  2. SuperToki says:

    Thanks. It was a fun one to work on.

  3. damon says:

    nice drawing

    very moody

  4. Woah. Wicked. I’m just speechless.
    *jaw drop*

  5. oh, Very sinister.

  6. Terrific illo. This kid has a impressive sad eyes.
    The colors you use are perfect for the illustration, you are a great artist!

  7. TMartin says:

    Wonderful illustration! Love the colors! (He’s definitely “caught” whatever it is in the jar–you can see it in the palor of his skin and the look in his eyes, in case the splotches don’t give it away).

  8. maya says:

    amazing illustration! great work!

  9. Matt says:

    This is intense. Very nice.
    Swine in a bottle?

  10. angels says:

    Oh! what a nice colouring… and the expression of the boy… very well done illustration.


  11. AG Fabrega says:

    Really, really nice. Love how that surreal virus appears on his skin. The ineffective mask is a nice touch.

  12. donny says:

    brilliant illustration. great entry!

  13. Restless Artist says:

    Beautifully done. The colors, the texture in the background, and the reflection of the jar…quite amazing. Great work :)

  14. Luci says:

    you’re rocking it out, man! I can’t believe how much detail you’ve got going on! Fantastic use of inks and loose and tight textures. Sweet.

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